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AI PoE switch wireless coverage solution

AI PoE switch wireless coverage solution

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Program overview
With the rapid development of the Internet, wireless network coverage is increasing, ranging from a small restaurant to a large public project that is accessed by tens of thousands of people at the same time. Wireless network access has become an indispensable part of everyday life. It is precisely because there are more and more users of wireless access, terminal access devices such as wireless APs often have software and hardware crashes due to data congestion or long-term uninterrupted operation. The company launched the AI ​​PoE switch for this phenomenon. When the above situation occurs, the switch will automatically restart for this port, which is truly maintenance-free. Reduce a lot of after-sales work.
demand analysis
1: Realize wireless coverage of all hotel room areas
2: Support seamless roaming function, the terminal can automatically switch the wireless network anywhere the customer:
3: The hotel's internal wired network and wireless network cover at the same time
4: Simple maintenance, easy installation, unified management, and network management anytime, anywhere
5: Users need to obtain security authentication when accessing the wireless network.
Device Description
The wireless network convergence layer adopts LS6100G-24T-2F-L2M, which is a Gigabit Layer 2 management switch independently developed by Kedi Communication, providing 24 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 ports and 2 Gigabit SFP optical slots. . Each RJ45 port supports MDI/MDIX auto-flip and wire-speed forwarding. Provide comprehensive security protection system, complete QoS policy and flexible VLAN function. Support SNMP, RMON, Syslog, USB backup log and configuration to perform daily diagnosis and maintenance of the network. At the same time, the administrator can adopt various management and maintenance such as CLI (command line interface), Web network management, TELNET, and zero configuration. The way is more convenient for device management.
The access layer uses LS1018PGF-AI, which is a Gigabit unmanaged PoE switch independently developed by Kedi Communication, providing 17 10/100/1000M adaptive RJ45 ports. Each RJ45 port supports MDI/MDIX auto-flip and wire-speed forwarding. Ports 1-16 support the IEEE802.3af/at standard PoE power supply function, which can automatically detect and recognize the power receiving equipment that meets the standard and supply power through the network cable. Supports the SmartLink power management function of the Kedi, which enables the PoE port priority mechanism to be powered off when the system is overloaded, cuts off the power supply of the port with the lower priority and lower priority, ensures that the critical equipment is preferentially powered, and the switch is overloaded. Run to protect the switch. Support Kedi intelligent wake-up function, when the data is not received within a certain period of time, it is considered that the machine is faulty, and it is powered off and restarted, reducing the workload of the administrator.

The wireless AP uses KD-APSA6V1XD, which is an indoor ceiling AP, which uses 2T2R 2.4G wireless MIMO technology, with a bandwidth of up to 300Mbps, supports up to 57 users to wirelessly access the Internet at the same time, and 22 video users, which enhances anti-jamming. Effectively prevent external wireless interference, the external power supply adopts 48V POE power supply technology, supports 50~100m network cable power supply, adopts new ceiling design, can be installed on ceiling or wall, beautiful and elegant, and integrates network application with environmental beautification .imageResponse

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Equipment model

Port description



24个10/100/1000M RJ45 Port+2个1000M SFPOptical port

Complete QoS policy and flexible VLAN function for easy management and maintenance


17个10/100/1000M RJ45Port+1个1000M SFPOptical port

SmartLinkPower management function and smart repair technology


2.4G wireless

Support POE, 50~100M network cable power supply


Program advantage
easy and convenient
All terminal devices access the PoE switch through the network cable to obtain power and data, and transmit to the back-end equipment room, which is highly integrated, which reduces the need for the terminal device to connect to the power supply, saves costs, and reduces the complexity of the wiring.
High scalability
The plan fully considers that the subsequent scale expansion will increase more APs or monitoring equipment, and the PoE switch can be expanded at any time to apply high-performance core switches to provide sufficient expansion capability for the future development of the enterprise.
The selection of the PoE switch, wireless AP, core switch and other terminal equipment and transmission equipment of the company, a set of solutions for hotels, hotel customers, low cost, high cost performance.
Easy to manage
A highly integrated network design that centrally controls and manages all APs via wireless AC.
Advantages of applying AIPoE switches
Maintenance free
The front-end access device crashes for whatever reason. The user does not need to go to the site, the port of the access device will automatically restart and restart. Reduce a large amount of after-sales maintenance costs
No worries about engineering
Regardless of whether the equipment connected in the project is compatible with standard PoE equipment or non-standard PoE equipment, one machine can be fixed, no need to consider purchasing standard non-standard models, and using non-burning equipment.
Safe and worry free
Acorid PoE has intelligent power protection function, short circuit, and exposed electricity will not cause safety hazards. Safe and secure
No worries
Break the limit of traditional Ethernet 100m transmission distance. With LRE-trans extension technology, the network transmission can reach 250m. Long-distance transmission in construction projects
Use careless
The AI ​​PoE application indicator shows the PoE usage. Even if you don't understand PoE's non-professionals, you can use it with ease.