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National Stadium (Bird's Nest) monitoring supplementary project transmission system

National Stadium (Bird's Nest) monitoring supplementary project transmission system

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National Stadium (Bird's Nest) monitoring supplementary project transmission system
The National Stadium (Bird's Nest) is located in the southern part of the Beijing Olympic Park and is the main stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The factory covers an area of 21 hectares and the audience is about 91,000. The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, track and field events and football finals were held. After the Olympic Games, it became a large-scale professional place for Beijing citizens to participate in sports activities and enjoy sports and entertainment, and became a landmark sports building and Olympic heritage.

The National Stadium

The stadium was designed by Jacques Herzog, De Meuron, Ai Weiwei and Li Xinggang, and was constructed by Beijing Urban Construction Group. The shape of the stadium is like the "nest" and cradle of life, and it holds the hope of the future for mankind. The designers did not do any extra processing on the venue, exposing the structure, thus naturally forming the appearance of the building.
Construction started on December 24, 2003, and was completed in March 2008. The total cost was 2.267 billion yuan. As a national landmark, the main stadium of the 2008 Olympic Games, the national stadium structure features are very significant. The stadium is a super sports building and a large stadium. The main structure design has a service life of 100 years, the fire resistance level is one level, the seismic fortification intensity is 8 degrees, and the underground engineering waterproof level is level 1.
In April 2014, China's Top Ten Contemporary Building Review Committees evaluated 20 buildings in China from more than 1,000 landmark buildings in China, combining the age, scale, artistry and influence indicators. In the end, the top ten contemporary buildings were created. Beijing Bird's Nest - National Stadium is one of the first-listed buildings.
The program involves: 320 200W HD cameras, 86 500W HD cameras, and 7 500W high-speed balls.
Project Benefits
1: reliable, stable and easy to maintain
2: Reduce power wiring, project construction is faster
3: Professional and comprehensive program design to avoid errors and waste
4: Fiber access to convergence, meeting high-speed long-distance data transmission
5: 100M access data transmission