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Smart Community Video Intercom System PoE Solution

Smart Community Video Intercom System PoE Solution

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Industry overview
The intelligent building intercom system group consists of three parts: the door machine, the user machine and the network transmission equipment. The actual composition is probably about each intelligent community, and there is a management center equipped with a central management machine (ie, the general management machine). Each zone is managed by a management machine for its designated scope, called a sub-manager; for the convenience of management or the timeliness of handling events, some communities have a management office in each building and a management machine. The role of the management machine is to ensure that the property management office and the residents communicate with each other, and can remotely unlock the visitors, record the incident, authorize the access control, and process the property SMS. Each building has a doorway host, and each home has a user machine. Both the door machine and the user machine are interconnected with the PoE switch, and the PoE switch exchanges information and data, and the PoE switch can also supply power to these devices. Visitors through the APP, the unit host calls the residents and dialogue, remote unlocking and so on.


Solution description
The AS1818GF and AS1826GF are used to supply power to the camera and the video intercom terminal. The aggregation layer uses a 24-port Gigabit all-optical switch. The access layer is connected to the aggregation layer by optical fibers to interconnect the networks in multiple areas. Three layers are required. The core switch, which divides Vlan and implements exaggerated network access, provides customers with low-cost and high-reliability PoE solutions.


Program advantage
1. Flexibility: Flexible networking mode, reducing installation cost and difficulty, and facilitating construction;
2. Applicability: PoE power supply, less wiring, reducing construction difficulty
3, safety: 24/18V/15V DC power supply, weaker safety and higher security
4, advanced: all digital signals, to achieve a powerful network communication function;
5, convenience: long-distance video transmission, across geographical restrictions;
6, compatibility: interface standardization, easier to dock and integrate other products
Acorid video intercom system dedicated PoE switch performance advantages
1: Support power management to avoid overload operation
2: Support single-port independent control power supply protection, one of the damage does not affect other ports of the whole machine
3: PoE power supply reduces power supply, plug-in and other accessories, 4-core power supply, can reduce costs, and provide high-quality and low-cost solutions for users.
4: Support port protection function, first detect and supply power, avoiding direct security PoE to cause security risks. Never burn equipment, non-professionals can finish construction
5: Step-by-step function, PoE switch supports step-by-step startup, avoiding the need to simultaneously generate a large current to burn the device at the same time, and use a smaller power supply to meet the startup requirements, effectively saving costs.