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Anhui Baolin Jewelry Plaza Monitoring Transmission Network

Anhui Baolin Jewelry Plaza Monitoring Transmission Network

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Anhui Baolin Jewelry Plaza Monitoring Transmission Network
Anhui Baolin Jewelry Plaza is located in the prosperous commercial center of Hefei City, Anhui Province. It has superior location and convenient transportation. It integrates testing, appraisal, catering and entertainment. The total construction area is 30,000 square meters. It is the first multi-source integration and scale in Anhui Province. The largest, most environmentally-friendly, and state-of-the-art modern jewelry trading platform.
The daily passenger flow in the large jewelry plaza is very large. There are many security risks, and security precautions are an essential part of ensuring the normal operation of the mall. Baolin Jewelry Square aims to create a high-quality network HD monitoring system, which is the most important security precaution for shopping malls. Due to the large number of monitoring points in the building and the irregular distribution, the access and de-powering of the camera and the transmission of video signals are the difficulties of the monitoring system. After analyzing the site environment, the constructor finally selects the Kedi transmission solution to complete the transmission task of the monitoring system.
The program involves: 355 200W HD cameras, 21 500W HD cameras, and 6 500W high speed domes.
Program advantage
1: 100 Mbps access data transmission
2: Gigabit to convergence, data transmission is smoother
3: Professional and comprehensive program design to avoid errors and waste
4: The program is safe and easy to accept the project.
5: 10 Gigabit convergence to the core, the video is not stuck