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Hospital monitoring system program
Background analysis
The hospital is a public place with very complicated personnel. How to comprehensively consider the characteristics of the hospital itself, and combine the human defense and the physical defense to effectively solve the medical problems that the hospital often encounters.
Medical disputes and other safety incidents are the main basis for the deployment of security systems. With the advent of the era of computer networking, new requirements have been put forward for the application of hospital security system equipment.
At the same time, the hospital hopes to improve the security level in the hospital by monitoring the important places, saving manpower and material resources, and providing advanced means for the hospital's administrative management.
Demand analysis
1: Standardization
All equipment and construction are carried out in accordance with standardization, in line with current industry design standards
2: Practicality
Equipment procurement, planning and implementation of the program need to be carried out according to practical characteristics, on the basis of meeting the system functions, to minimize the system cost
3: scalability
The designed solution system can easily add some front-end and back-end devices in the future, which will provide sufficient guarantee for future system expansion and function expansion.
4: Scientific

The design of the scheme is scientific and reasonable, and it can withstand the test of time. It can run continuously for a long time and eliminate unstable factors.


                          Hospital internal monitoring diagram