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Intelligent Community

Intelligent Community

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Background analysis
With the improvement of material living standards, high-end residential areas are spread all over the country. Community owners not only pursue high quality of life, but also pay special attention to property safety. Video surveillance is the basic configuration for internal security protection in a cell.
At the same time, in order to prevent the idlers in the community from entering the community or even into the floor, illegal activities are carried out. Community access security systems are also especially important
Demand analysis
When building a network, it will be considered in terms of aesthetics, simplicity, and practicality. There are the following requirements:
1: Video surveillance is installed in the public area and each exit floor exit of the cell.
2. The monitoring device is powered by standard PoE mode.
3, the installation is simple, centralized control of the camera through a simple way;
4. Install a video intercom terminal on the first floor of each building in the community to support calls and video calls to each household and management room.
5: Video intercom terminal supports PoE, eliminating the need to separately deploy power system
6, the network level is simple, easy to manage, easy to maintain.