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Campus Monitoring Network and IP Broadcasting Integration System
Background analysis
With the development of the national education industry, the expansion of efficient scale, the increasingly socialized structure of colleges and universities, such as apartments, canteens, security, and other functional departments, open, social, accountability
Outsourcing system, the security problem of college campuses has become increasingly prominent. How to reduce and prevent the occurrence of various kinds of accidents on campus, and become a problem that universities and society need to actively deal with. With the security technology
Continuously mature, the large security system with video surveillance as the core can help colleges and universities to adopt all-round high-definition intelligent monitoring technology to carry out all-weather all-weather campus on the basis of manpower prevention.
Comprehensive monitoring to minimize all kinds of security risks. For example, through the high-definition intelligent monitoring system, the university campus door, the key parts of the campus, the major opportunity scene, and the multiple cases of the case
With key monitoring, all the details are easy to control.
At the same time, the university security system can seamlessly interface with the urban security system to contribute to the construction of a safe city. At the same time, the campus network system is also the focus of its construction, with the development and popularity of the network.
On-campus network teaching, office network, self-study room for students to provide extracurricular learning, libraries, dormitories and various sports fields that need to be trained to meet the various cultures of various campuses.
And the need for entertainment. There is also a broadcasting system covering the entire campus public places and classrooms. It can also be networked and constructed to achieve simple deployment, high integration, and simple management.
Various news and internal notices are broadcast inside the park. The PoE and core network equipment of Kedi Communication can fully meet the integration of all these projects.
Demand analysis
Monitoring demand
1: Realize smooth transmission of millions of high-definition video images
2: All public areas of the campus, such as classrooms, libraries, canteens, dormitory buildings and surrounding areas
3: Require remote, can initiate remote mobile alarm, personnel intrusion at each monitoring point, upload the alarm to the network monitoring center through the network, automatically switch the image to the scene, and automatically record
Facilitate timely measures.
4: Preventing school violence When campus violence occurs or may occur, people at all levels can touch the emergency button to alert the 110 alarm center to prevent or stop school violence.
5: Accidental injury can be obtained. During the school, students should be able to record all the monitoring points to facilitate the accidental injury.

 Monitoring demand


Network requirements
1: Meet the needs of the entire campus for fast Internet access
2: The office network realizes wired network access to the Internet
3: Meeting room, gym, library and other places to achieve wireless coverage


Monitoring demand

Campus broadcasting needs
1: On-campus classrooms, conference rooms and other public places broadcast coverage
2: Satisfy the principle of simple construction and convenient deployment
3: Each area can be operated independently, and unified management can be carried out in the main machine room.
4: The terminal device is an IP broadcast that supports Dante, and needs to meet the IP network construction.