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Background description
The hotel is a crowded place with a lot of cash flow. Therefore, it is also the most important place for safety precautions. The hotel’s large flow of people and open management make hotels often become a common place for lawless elements to violate the law.
Once it happens, it will have serious consequences, directly harming the interests of the guests, and seriously affecting the reputation and development of the hotel. In order to strengthen the security and management of the hotel, it is necessary to establish a combination of monitoring, alarm, and communication.
Fan system. Video surveillance can quickly respond to intruders and detect and capture criminals in a timely manner. It has a powerful deterrent effect on various criminal violations. At the same time, the installation of fire alarm system can be timely in the early stage of fire.
Go to control to avoid major fires.
In addition to security monitoring, the hotel also needs to provide wireless Internet access to customers. Guests staying at the hotel, flat-screen, mobile wireless WIFi Internet access is essential, hotel wireless coverage is now built as an infrastructure
In order to provide customers with high-quality wireless network services, enhance their competitiveness in the industry.
With the rapid development and popularization of communication technologies and computer networks, the intelligentization has gradually developed and expanded, the information foundation has gradually grown and the pace of information infrastructure construction has also accelerated. How to make a hotel have a
High efficiency, comfortable, warm, safe and convenient environment, and can meet the changing needs of users, and implement unified and orderly intelligent network management of hotels. This is an urgent problem to be solved in hotel safety management.
Demand analysis
1: Using millions of HD PoE network cameras, 24 hours of continuous monitoring
2: Elevator, corridor and rest area service area on the first floor need monitoring screen coverage
3: Centralized control of the camera in a simple way, easy to preview, store, play back or set alarms, etc.
4: Administrators can access video surveillance via the Internet


Demand analysis

                                                               Hotel monitoring deployment map