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Background description
According to the state's development plan for expressways, by 2020, the mileage of China's expressways will reach 70,000 kilometers. The road safety monitoring that followed was also put on a new agenda. Highway monitoring mainly involves pavement
Toll station and tunnel bridge are monitored in three parts. Expressway-based networked monitoring has great potential for development. In addition, in this field, it is often necessary to capture various high-speed illegal acts such as illegal speeding, and at the same time take photos of the vehicle.
Identify the capture. Its special application requires the laying of a proprietary fiber optic cable to meet the long-distance massive data transmission. A fiber optic transceiver transmission supporting PoE was designed for this communication. Perfectly solve the problem of road monitoring transmission.
Demand analysis
Need to transmit equipment, connect the surveillance monitoring equipment of the expressway and the monitoring equipment of the toll station, and summarize it to the sub-control center of the road section, and summarize it to the management center of the provincial and city through the monitoring special network of the expressway, and the sub-control center of each section
Responsible for the monitoring information of the road section, and analyze and process all the monitoring information of the road section. It also maintains data interconnection with the provincial and municipal highway management centers, and the management center conducts comprehensive monitoring and analysis of the entire situation.
Ensure smooth and fast running of the expressway through coordinated management and deployment